Welcome to my lil diary

*please excuse the dyslexia*
i doub't anyone will read my lil life updates/rambles
but let's see how long this lasts lol


hello i'm back tinkering on this website, after avoiding covid for 2 and a half years it finaly came for me lol. sadly i missed my parter's birthday, but i'm starting to feel better now :3


well it's a couple of months after my surgery, i'm like 99% healed :3. the surgery went well, but omg the healing process was so painful :| I couldn't really eat, I had to get some strong pain killers, I have a new found respect for people who get their tounges split lmaoooo


1 week till i get my first surgery! april 1st i quit smoking cigarettes, and the last couple of weeks i've been trying to cut down vaping. i've definitely cut down, but i've been told to not vape 24 hours before my tonsillectomy, and i know i wont be able to vape when i'm healing. so that day i'm probs gunna be an anxious mess, without my main soother welp


after months of being too depressed & overwhelmed to clean my room, i finally managed to make a start wooo. it feels so nice to dust and sanitize all my makeup & skin care products omg. since covid i've hardly worn makeup, hopefully i'll wanna play around with it again


2 week today i get my tonsils removed! i've spent most of today trying to find out what i can eat after my surgery and watching tonsillectomy recovery vlogs lol. literally everyone says the pain of recovery is unbarable, so i have that to look forward too